1. Joe And Kelsey,
    This is Richard Sikorski from Flotilla 23-02 Solomons MD loving the start of the pod cast with coffeew with coasties always looking forward for new news to share as well as a little history aspects with it.As myself I am Also the CS for my Flotilla Facebook media,love sharing and following other auxiliaist on what we all do for the United States Coast Guard and the USCGAUX. If I may would love to help spreading the news of this awesome podcast.? Keep up the amazing work

    FSO-CS Richard Sikorski
    Flotilla 23-02 Solomons MD

  2. Uncle Lou!!! ☺️☺️

    I remember you teaching me how to dial Fishy-50 to get the real weather forecast!!

    So glad to hear your podcast

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